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I have been looking for a decent backup solution for a while. Having run websites since 1994, I have a fair amount of content that would take some time to replicate if I lost it all. I now run 7 WordPress sites, as well as my own URL shortener, bookmark site, and twitter clients from […]

I met up up with a friend recently who joined a large well known company a little while ago. Because both the company and my friend are well known, I won’t go into specifics for obvious reasons. When I was talking to my friend about the recruitment process, one question they asked him struck me. […]

Back in May 2008, I updated the look and the name of my blog, moving from to on WordPress and a new theme. After 5 years I’ve decided it is time to give a fresh new look, and a responsive and mobile friendly theme. After many auditions, I have chosen the very […]

While preparing for a talk to the London Business School Marketing Club about digital marketing, and also how to market yourself online, I went searching for my first ever blog post. If you enjoyed this blog post you may like other related posts listed below under You may also like … To receive future posts you […]

As a regular and long standing blogger in the social, mobile, advertising, tech and digital marketing spaces, I regularly receive approaches from PR companies hoping to promote a client’s release.  I receive between 1 and 5 per week depending what is going on in the market. To save my time, and the poor PR’s time, […]

Brad Howarth, writing for B&T Magazine in Australia has published a “Top 50 Australian marketing blogs” list.  Each year B&T look at the blogosphere in Australia and anoint their top 50.  This is their definitive list for 2009 and comes from the work of Julian Cole at  Interesting that a mobile blog scrapes in at number […]

I came across a heads-up post from Neville Hobson that shows the top UK blogs ranked by blog search site Wikio for February 2009.  Wikio gave Neville an advance look at their latest ranking of some of the top tech blogs in the UK and listed here are the top 30. I’m happy to report that […]

Yesterday in London, Jonathan MacDonald chaired an excellent day at the IIR mobile content conference in London – and also had a major announcement. He mentioned that on the 8th December 2008 he will retire his existing presentation deck: – Volume 1: The Communication ideal.  On the 9th December 2008, he starts his new journey Vol 2. No Way […]

This month, the crew at Spinning Around have again dissected the Ad Age Power 150 to list the top marketing blogs in the UK. This time round, it seems like it was a fair bit of work – so please visit the Spinning Around site for the full list.  London Calling is up 10 places […]

Over at Julian Cole’s ad pioneers blog, there is a comprehensive list of the top 100 Australian marketing blogs.  You will see that London Calling has snuck into the list at number 7! The criteria for inclusion was the blog had to be written by an Australian (check) or by someone living in Australia.  Well […]

The team at Spinning Around have again produced a list of the top 101 marketing blogs in the UK, and this list is based on the AdAge Power 150, the top UK bloggers on all things advertising and marketing on 1 August 2008. If you feel that you should be included, you can get in […]

Over at, Eamon Mahony has been burning the midnight oil to compose a list of the top 250 Top 250 Blog Posts in Advertising, Marketing, Media & PR, following on from his earlier list The Top 100 Advertising, Marketing, Media & PR Blogs. It is well worth a read – head over to Spotlight Ideas […]

Another month rolls by, and so it’s time again for the crew at Spinning Around to do the number crunching on the AD Age Power 150 list to see who’s who in the UK blogging scene. We’re happy to say we’ve crept up 4 places on the UK chart to 38, and up 46 to #358 […]

UPDATE October 2012: I have been a very happy Clicky Pro paying customer for the last 3 years. Cannot praise this service highly enough. I came across Clicky from one of my twitter contacts, so I thought I’d take a closer look. Wow! This is the analytics tool I have been waiting for. For 2 years I had […]

The crew over at SPINNING AROUND: SEVENTY SEVEN THINKING OUT LOUD have once again sliced and diced the Ad Age Power 150 at of 1st August to see who’s who in the UK blogging world. I’m delighted to day that London Calling is shooting up the charts (up 4 on the UK chart to #42 and up 135 […]

Tonight I was finishing an upgrade of the blog from wordpress version 2.5.1 to 2.6 and I saw that Nick Burcher had linked to London Calling so I took a closer look. He has compiled the top European media and marketing blogs from the Ad Age Power 150 list compiled by Ad Age. I’m delighted […]

Thanks to everyone for reading London Calling. I am still very humbled that so many people from around the world take the time to check out my blog periodically, and also thrilled that our RSS feed subscribers keep trending up and up.  Below is a screen shot of subscriber numbers since mid January 2008. At […]

Over at Spinning Around, James has compiled his monthly list (presented below) based on the AdAge Power 150, of the the top UK bloggers on all things advertising and marketing on 1 July 2008. London Calling are proudly in at #46 with a bullet.  See the full post at Spinning Around (with details on how to […]

Looking through my weblogs over the weekend, I saw some traffic start to arrive from Heading over to their site, I see that London Calling has been featured as the demo for Robert Ellis’ excellent Fururocity Vero wordpress themethat I installed only last week.  Since upgrading the site to wordpress and installing Robert’s theme, I’ve had […]