Embedding photos in tweets with Twitter cards

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    embedding photos in tweets with Twitter cards http://t.co/ytdczd4l

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    London Calling: embedding photos in tweets with Twitter cards: Some of you may have noticed that if you use the … http://t.co/fyuPKvz4

  • http://twitter.com/russwebt Russell Webster

    Hi Andrew
    I took your advice and used the WordPress plugin, very simple process – and well worth it!
    Thanks for the advice

  • http://londoncalling.co/ Andrew Grill

    glad to hear it was so simple

  • http://www.onemanandhisblog.com Adam Tinworth

    Just got around to doing this (although, as a non-WP user, it required a little hand-coding into my templates). Roughly how long did approval take?

  • http://londoncalling.co/ Andrew Grill

    1st time it took 2 days to tell me my code was wrong, then 2nd try around a week

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    Embedding photos in tweets with Twitter cards http://t.co/byl2lc2OaU

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    @FreshUrb it’s something about the picshare service must support twitter cards http://t.co/p8ku3uTqYJ

  • Julien Maury

    Hi, I’m the developer of JM Twitter Cards. Thanks for quoting me. I do not know if you noticed it but the plugin allows you in full custom mode (an option you can activate) to enable summary card or summary large image card or photo cards on each post ^^