Telstra’s NYE app lets you pre-set NYE messages to send at midnight

Australian operator Telstra has again developed a New Year’s Eve app that lets Australians pre-send NYE SMS messages.



The messages will then be delivered at midnight, letting you get on with celebrating the arrival of 2014 and not fumbling to type “heppee noew yarewss” on your mobile.

As part of their sponsorship of the NYE fireworks, they are also selecting messages sent via the app to be shown on one of the Sydney Harbour Bridge pylons.


The app is only for use in Australia, but if like me you have an Australian number, you can register to send up to 50 messages at midnight or free, no matter what network you are on.

The only catch is the messages all come tagged with “connected by Telstra” at the end, and there is also no way to edit a message once in the queue for delivery.

I’ve already pre-set a few messages using the app so some of my Aussie friends will get a nice surprise at midnight new year’s day Sydney time.

If you’re in Australia, grab the app for your favorite device here


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