What happened next with EE? I was invited into HQ

Following my widely viewed blog post about the launch of the EE 4G network, on Wednesday, I visited the head office of EE in Paddington.

I was greeted by Stuart Jackson who now works in the CEO office and also met with some key figures – namely:

Pat Coxen, EE Project Director who has overseen the entire technical and branding exercise, Mat Sears, Head of EE PR and Tim Pritchard who runs the digital team, and is behind @EE on twitter.

A more comprehensive blog post will follow – in the meantime please enjoy this 3 minute roundup.

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    London Calling: What happened next with EE? I was invited into HQ: On Wednesday, I visited the head office of EE… http://t.co/XTgyGAKk

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    What happened next with EE? I was invited into HQ http://t.co/9V91PYyD

  • http://twitter.com/Lorenz_Gerber/status/266552569395023872/ Lorenz Gerber (@Lorenz_Gerber)

    RT @AndrewGrill: Im sure you’re interested in what happened at my @ee meeting yesterday. Longer blog post to follow, here’s a video http://t.co/p3JvTK4q

  • http://wadds.co.uk Stephen Waddington

    Excellent work Andrew. This is going in my next book as a case study :)

  • David Young

    EE Wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole Three months of trying to get a complaint resolved total joke.

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  • http://londoncalling.co/ Andrew Grill

    thanks Wadds. Can’t wait to see the csse study in the #brandvandalism book

  • http://twitter.com/NilliLavie Nilli Lavie

    over 3 month from your initial experience with EE what’s your on now?

  • http://twitter.com/NilliLavie Nilli Lavie

    meant what’s your opinion now?