What’s the Orange Dolphin doing on the blog again?

Flashback to June 11th 2008 when I last blogged this….

Some of you may have noticed an orange raccoon at the bottom left hand of this and every page on the blog and wondered “what the….???”.

It is part of the world’s first internet balloon race being held by UK mobile operator Orange to promote the availability of their “animal” packages on pre-pay.

I first saw the raccoon on spinning around and clicked him, followed the link and decided to sign up – such a unique online advertising campaign it just might work!

Why not sign up to play and race your balloon around the internet from the middle of June!  Perhaps your balloon will travel through londoncalling.co

Well in 2010, the great internet balloon race is back on again – and here at London Calling we’re taking part again.

More on the race at playballoonacy.com and happy racing!

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